At Tetra, many of our custom projects have been developed for healthcare and educational institutions. Some of our recent projects are listed below, to illustrate our varied scope of experience. For further information on these and other projects, please contact us.

Pharmaceutical-funded Research - Patient History database

Developed process for recording and analyzing patient information, both for individual histories as well as to develop practice-level information and compare data with national database of patients administered by a university. System designed for staging as beta test with ~1000 pilot participants and national roll-out to ~10,000 participants; university database for analysis was updated quarterly with approx. 1 million datapoints.

Educational System - Scholarly Activity database

Custom tool to manage scholarly activity across multiple departments. Implementation allowed for easier, coordinated data entry, automated reporting of activity, as well as filtered reporting by department/entity, and date and type of activity. System manages and synchronizes over twenty types of scholarly activity.

Healthcare System - Physician Onboarding tool

Custom tool to manage complex workflow of onboarding new physicians. Implementation reduced average timeline to 3 months from one year. System manages and distributes tiered records, dependent dates, documents, with email notifications.

Healthcare System - Physician/Faculty Directory tool

Custom tool to manage directory updates for physicians, faculty, staff, with authentication, reporting and administrative functions.

Healthcare System - Class Registration tool

Custom tool to enable registrations of thousands of users for multiple sets of required classes across different locations. Tool included registration, email reminders, automatic scheduling, administrative reporting and class administration - attendance, emergency rescheduling, notifications for individual classes.

Healthcare System - Public Pre-Registration System

Developed online registration and survey handler used by 2000 users for preliminary enrollment method. Information handled was limited to basic demographic data and 10-question survey. Data is bundled and uploaded daily for combination with internal parallel system, both sets loaded into master internal database and filtered for fulfillment weekly.

Real Estate Agency - Automated Listings Update Process

Developed custom processes for automatically downloading and filtering real estate listings from TReND. Approximately 25,000 filtered data points updated daily and 750,000 filtered data points reloaded monthly. Automatic image association and thumbnail generation included for daily and monthly updates. System designed to work in tandem with content management system used for searching listings.

Automobile Dealership - Leasing database

Developed a search tool and report generation for leases approached term end and matching for other near-end-term leases.

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