In order to improve a web site’s searchability and resulting placement among various search engines, and in order to assist potential users searching for content found in the site, Tetra utilizes optimizations to the site code, to encourage indexing by spiders and bots that regularly crawl the site. Optimization best practices include:

  • adding text (“alternate”) descriptions for graphics and images used on the site
  • adding or improving descriptions to pages
  • adding or improving page titles
  • externalizing reference source code, like stylesheets and JavaScript files
  • removing unnecessary blank space used by programmers for legibility
  • removing extraneous or unnecessary source code comments used by programmers for debugging
  • creating and updating a sitemap XML file that provides search engines with a short index of relevant pages on the site

We also recommend maintaining existing web site URLs for redirection purposes to maintain continuity. An examination of current web traffic is strongly recommended to determine the most frequently used entry and exit points. Tetra typically recommends monthly reporting to checkpoint progress of any optimization project as well as to provide a basis for any additional action that might be recommended.

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